Tuesday, April 9, 2013


One of the main burning issues of Prasar Bharati is wage discrimination as far as employees is concerned. When Prasar Bharati is formed certain cadres of employees were granted upgraded scales in 1999. Remaining cadres working in Prasar Bharati  are demanding for implementation of the same.  After so many deliberations and so much of struggle the issue was taken up by GOM and formed a Joint Secretaries committee to look into the issue. Years are passing and employees are getting retired but the issue is unsettled.  But after taking charge of Shri Jawahar Sirkar as CEO, employees were in hope that he will put an end to the undemocratic practice.  His positive approach with issues, particularly towards the employees, the determination and commitment has given a ray of hope.   He got succeeded in getting clearance for filling up of vacancies and revision of remuneration to Artists. It is quite disappointing to note that he did not spellout a word till today about the action plan to wipe out the wage discrimination being practiced.  But the neglected folk are still optimistic and awaiting with patience for a positive response. Needless to mention is that any move by any person to curb this evil of wage discrimination will win the hearts of 15,000 employees who are neglected for decades in AIR & Doordarshan.