Thursday, March 29, 2012


There are so many wonders taking place in and around All India Radio & Doordarshan.  Every office has its own way of functioning.  Every one is the king of their kingdom (office) and issue circulars/instructions and surprising the employees like any thing. After issue of a circular by Inspection Unit of DG:AIR that the employees who are in receipt of Prasar Bharati scales are not eligible for MACPs and recovery the excess payments made, another section of DG:AIR has issued office order granting MACPs to remaining employees and surprised the all employees. Now Office of Chief Engineer, North Zone has over come all these surprisings by asking clarification bypassing DG:AIR & PB Secretariat written a letter to DOPT whether an employee (Prasar Bharati employee) can be granted 4th up gradation on the name of MACP.  This is another example of utmost obedience of officers towards certain cadres.  Letter placed for information of members.    But joke of the letter is that scales mentioned in the letter were not in existence during the years. Just creating confusion and taking the advantage.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is known to all employees of AIR & DD that DG:AIR has issued a circular to all Stations for recovery of illegal MACPs granted to the certain cadres of employees working in AIR & Doordarshan.  Now these cadres have started playing mischief game.  After thirteen years  it has come to their minds that some cadres have not get the Higher Scales and supporting two of the left cadres for higher scales.  They are on the job and convincing the cadres for  extending support.  Every one knows that their way of co-operation will be like " Put your finger in my mouth and I will put my finger in your eyes".  Now this unexpected worship on those cadres is, just to avoid the recoveries of illegal MACPs by DG:AIR and to take the support of other cadres and to confront with Prasar Bharati for withdrawal of recovery order.  But it is time for left cadres to show their unity to put an end to wage discrimination in Prasar Bharati. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


It is reliably learned that Ministry of I&B has realized on MACPs granted to certain cadres of Prasar Bharati are illegal.   The previous CEO of Prasar Bharati has already made it clear a long back that the payments to certain cadres are illegal. After the statement of that CEO he was thrown mud and certain cadres of employees tried to defame his name and tried to involve him in corruption charges. But the internal audit of Ministry has also pointed the payments to certain cadres and made the Ministry to accept that the payments to certain cadres are illegal. Now Ministry has taken a decision to withdraw the benefits granted to certain cadres. If it is so, Ministry has to accept that the scales granted to certain cadres are only corporation scales and it should be extended to all the remaining employees working in Prasar Bharati irrespective of cadre and cascading. Now it is the time for certain cadres to think, as they have taken all advantages by divide and rule policy and making mockery of rules. Any one can easily say with a little knowledge that the employees who are drawing over and above the Pay Commission Scales, can not be treated as government employees, and they can not enjoy the higher scales of corporation and the Central Pay Commission benefits simultaneously.  Now another new Federation may born to save the world peace. But no association in Prasar Bharati is recognized right now.  Let us wait and see, how PB Secretariat  will react !! But the administrative staff of AIR and Doordarshan are always against the blackmailing tacktics of any one in the organization and support the government and CEO of Prasar Bharati taking any bold steps against the blackmailing politics of employees.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Akashvani & Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association has launched a new website on 17.03.2011.  The web address is "".   .  President of ADASA Shri G.K. Acharya and General Secretary Shri V. Prasad have assured the members that all latest developments will be updated through this site. They have requested all the Zonal Councils to make use of the site for Zonal News and for communication to their zones respectively.  

Friday, March 16, 2012


The Information and Broadcasting Ministry saw an increase of 5 per cent in its budgetary allocation for fiscal 2012-13, with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee allocating it Rs 2,737.32 crore as against the last year's Rs 2,604.78 crore. The state broadcaster would be a major beneficiary of the amount marked for the I&B Ministry as grant-in-aid of Prasar Bharati have been assigned at Rs 1,574.37 crore. In the last fiscal, Rs 1,574.01 had been spent by Prasar Bharati.  The grant-in-aid is being provided to cover the gap in resources of Prasar Bharati in meeting its revenue expenditure.  The Budget also marks another Rs 401 crore for Prasar Bharati under the head 'Investments in Public Enterprises' in the Plan category. In addition, another Rs 400 crore is also earmarked under the same head for Prasar Bharati under the non-Plan category.  The Budget document explains that this amount under the head 'Investments in Public Enterprises' is a loan being provided to Prasar Bharati to finance its capital expenditure.

source: Outlook

Thursday, March 1, 2012



File No. ADASA(NC)/1(1)/2012                                                                                                    Dated: 28.02.2012

The Manager(Personnel)
(Ms. Sunita- by name)
Prasar Bharati Secretariat,
2nd Floor ,P.T.I Building,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi 110 001.    

Subject:    Recognition of Service Association.

Respected Madam, 

                Reference is invited to PB Sectt, New Delhi’s notice issued from file No. Misc-1/112/2011-PPC dated 22.11.11 to all the Head Offices of AIR and Doordarshan through Scor Section of both the Directorates on the subject cited. Accordingly we submit our representation for continuation of recognition  of AKASHVANI AND DOORDARSHAN ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSOCIATION  taking into consideration of the following facts:-

1.       Akashwani and Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association has been registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960 vide 5/7311/74 at Delhi.

2.     The recognition of  Akashwani and Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association   according to the Central Service (Recognition of Services Association)Rules 1993  already exists  as per the AIR Manual (copy enclosed)  and had been  invited in the Departmental Meetings and JCM Meetings with DGs since the last many decade.

3.     The Association had already submitted all the requisite information and records with DG:AIR  in the past for continuation of the recognition and accordingly the  Directorate General :All India Radio had presented the matter with the Ministry many times for approval of the recognition of these Associations vide his letter no. B-12017/i/2006/WL dated 13.03.2007, 13.03.2007, 24.04.2007, 30.05.2007, 20.06.2007, 20.08.2007, 3.12.2008, 21.10.2009. DG:AIR, the cadre controlling authority, has clarified so may times that they are following  status-quo of the recognized 9(nine) Associations including Administrative Staff Association as per AIR Manual by issuing an order on 05.03.2007 and confirmed it while  replying the  RTI applications from time to time.

4.     Akashwani and Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association have been functioning in this organization in a democratic way for many decade as a helping hand between the Department and the employees for smooth functioning  of the organization.

5.     MEMBERSHIP :-
As per the By-laws of the Association the membership for the Association shall be open to all the Administrative Staff of Akashvani and Doordarshan as detailed below:-

Sanctioned Posts (as per RR) at present
Dy.Director of Administration
Inspector of Accounts
Sr. Administrative Officer
Administrative Officer
Head Cerk/Assistant(Acctt.)(H/C/Acctt./Asstt,Sr.
Acctt. Office Suptd.)
LDC(Work Charged Clerical Categories)Tab.Clerk,Sr./ Jr.RO/Hindi Typist/Language Typist and Work Charged Clerical Categories(G.Asstt.)

                The total sanctioned posts of Administrative Staff in AIR and Doordarshan is 5245 in nos. but many posts in category of Head Clerks/LDCs are vacant due to non-recruitment of Direct vacancies through Staff Selection Commission.  The total working strength may be approx. 4500 in nos but actual figures may be  available with DG:AIR.(S.II Section). 

  1. List of ADASA Members:-   The List of 2591 in nos.(2256+335 Tamilnadu & Pondicherry  Zone Members) (Two thousands five hundred ninety one only) ADASA Members showing their Designation, present place of posting  i.e Unit/Office/Kendra/Station  and  respective Zone-wise (as per ADASA by-laws) is enclosed.
It is to be mentioned here that due to non-issuance of clear instructions either by PB Sectt. or Directorates to the Head of  Offices, the authority letters submitted by the ADASA members in their offices for deduction of the subscription fee from Pay Rolls. Could not be accepted in many Offices/Kendras/Stations.  So it is therefore requested that all the Head of Offices of AIR and Doordarshan may be directed to accept the authorization letters submitted by the Association’s members immediately.  So that the list of remaining Members of ADASA  could  be submitted by us  as soon as the authorization applications for deduction of the subscription fee from pay rolls is accepted by the Head Of Office on receipt of the instructions from PB Sectt/Directorates.

According to the By-laws  of the Association, the Election for the National Council as well as Zonal Councils of Akashwani and Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association was conducted on 06-05-2011 by adopting its constitutional procedure and the result has already been communicated by the Returning Officer Sh. J.M.Singh, HPT,AIR, Malad, Mumbai  to the Secy. M/o I&B, CEO Prasar Bharati and both the Directorates vide his letter no. ADASA/RO/Election/2011 dated 23.05.2011 (copy enclosed).

The National Council Office bearers  presently are:-

1.             President:                               G.K.Acharya, H/C, ADG(NZ)AIR&TV,N.Delhi

               2.              Vice-President:                      K.P. Shasidharan,Head Clerk,DDK,Delhi.

               3.              General Secretary:              Vishweshwar Prasad, Asstt.DG:AIR(B&A Sec.) N.D.

               4.              Asstt.Gen.Secy.:                  Ramesh Singh Chouhan,  AO, HPT,AIR,Kingsway,Delhi

                5.             Organizing Secretary:       Jatan Singh, Head Clerk,SD:AIR.N.D

6.             Treasurer (nominated)       Rajbir singh Mann, CBS,AIR,New Delhi.

The list of ADASA Zonal Council Office bearers is also enclosed.

  1. BANK A/C NO.:-The Association is having its SB A/C No. 601610100018413 with Bank Of India,PTI Building ,Parliament Street, New Delhi-110 001 in the name of  “AKASHWANI AND   DOORDARSHAN ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ASSOCIATION ”. 
9.   Documents in support of recognition:-

The following documents are enclosed along-with this application for continuation of recognition of Akashvani and Doordarshan Administrative Staff Asssociation.

(i)                  Memorandum of Association

(ii)                Constitution/By-laws/Rules and Regulation of  Association

(iii)              Election Result –declaration of ADASA National Council and Zonal Council duly signed by the Returning Officer in support  Names of Office Bearers of present Executive body of the Asssociation.

(iv)                List of ADASA Members showing their Designation, present place of posting(Unit/Office/Kenra/Station)  and Zone. 
                                The Akashwani  and Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association,  has been recognized by the Department for many decades ,always cooperated with the authorities by maintaining a cordial employees –employers  relationship  for smooth functioning  of the organization needs no other verification for grant of recognition as  the Association fulfils all the required conditions as per CCS(Recognition of Service Associations) Rules & as per the conditions laid down in the  Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions(Department of Personnel & Training) Notification No. 2/10/80-JCA(Vol.IV) dated 5th November,1993-      So necessary notification in respect of  recognition   of  AKASHVANI AND DOORDARSHAN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATION  may be issued immediately .

                                Thanking you,

                                                                                                                                     Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                                   (G.K. ACHARYA)
                                                                                                                           Mob. No. :9013409647

 (1)          Memorandum of Association
 (2)          Constitution/By-laws/Rules and Regulations of  Association
 (3)          Election Result –Office Bearers of present Executive body of the Association.
(4)           List of ADASA Members (2591).

Copy : for information and necessary action  along with the  enclosures :-

1.                   Directorate General ,All India Radio( by name –Sh. Banarasi Singh-Dy.Dir.of Admn.)
(Scor-Section) 2nd Floor, Akashvani Bhawan, New Delhi-1

2.                   Directorate General ,All India Radio( by name –Sh. P.C.Gupta-Dy.Dir.of Admn.)
(Welfare Section) 2nd Floor, Akashvani Bhawan, New Delhi-1
                                                                                                                                        (G.K. ACHARYA)
                                                                                                                             Mob. No. :9013409647